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We Have a History of Success

“US -Multi-Family Office of the Year, Wealth Management Firm of the Year”, 2017

ACQ5 Global Awards


“HNWI Wealth Management Firm” – USA, 2017

Corporate LiveWire Finance Awards


“Best Multi-Family Office” – California, 2017

Alternative Investment Awards, Wealth & finance International


“Most Sophisticated Multi-Family Office, Best Private Capital Investment Team” – California, 2016

Alternative Investment Awards, Wealth & finance International


“Five Star Wealth Manager” – San Francisco East Bay, 2016

Diablo Magazine


“Highly -Specialized Investment Service Provider of the Year” – US, 2015

Alternative Investment Awards, Wealth & finance International

Disclosures: Awards listed represent independent nominations by industry peers, HNW client survey participants, subscribers to the publications or by prequalification procedures by the various publications listed. Presidium did not pay a fee to be considered for nomination. Award selection is not contingent on purchasing advertising or award memorabilia.  Awards are not indicative of current or future performance nor an endorsement of Presidium Partners services. Award selection does not guarantee future success of Presidium’s services nor is an award an evaluation of the quality of services offered. More…

This is not Your Typical Investment

Advisory Service.

Presidium offers a new level of client advocacy, rigorous due diligence and access to global investment ideas. Investment success, while built on sound principles and proven tenets of investment management, is not found by following the herd. It comes from hard work, discipline, research and a willingness to test assumptions and to source new ideas.

The Best Ideas are Born and Acted Upon,

Not Recycled

Bold, new investment ideas rarely come to market. Instead they are shared among our closest associations. Accessing ideas and sourcing opportunities from personal networks lead to greater investment success. We source proprietary, direct, real assets, private debt and equity investment opportunities worldwide.

Many wealth advisors adhere to recycled allocation models – a one size fits all approach. In reality, no two people are alike. Investors often hear the same story and buy the same widely marketed overpriced investment products. These are not premium products but commodities. Traditional allocation should be done with the broadest diversification and the lowest cost possible.

Stewardship Drives Our Decision Making

Our investment decisions are built on the principle of capital preservation—and we take this stewardship seriously. Multi-generational wealth creation requires one to look beyond the noise of the day and is created by focused and persistent effort. Keeping that wealth requires no less concerted effort. We know our clients intimately and create unique portfolios to meet their specific needs and goals.